5 Game Wardens II

September 6, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities
• To patrol inside and outside the reserve area.
• To control poaching activities outside and inside the reserve.
• Managing the activities of tourist hunting and photo tourism.
• To protect people and their properties against wildlife.
• To collect and protect Government Treasures.
• To clean and protect the camp.
• To manage the entry and exit of people and their property in the reserve.
• Collecting and keeping evidence and testifying in Court.
• To inspect the wildlife in the fields and stables of the wildlife and collect their statistics.
• Managing procedures for transporting live wildlife and trophies within and outside the country.
• Controlling destructive wildlife.
• Fire control in storage and
• To do other tasks that you will be assigned that are compatible with his profession

Qualification and Experience
• Employ IV or VI graduates with a Diploma in Wildlife Management from a Wildlife college or any college recognized by the Government.