Child Care Assistant

September 6, 2023
Application ends: October 5, 2023
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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities
• Participating in implementing a common plan for the Education, Development and Early Development of children, (ECD integrated plan);
• To prepare and implement a schedule of daily activities in the relevant center;
• Identifying and using a safe learning environment for children;
• Making appeals for children’s issues beyond his control;
• Identifying children with special needs and providing appropriate services;
• Participating in mobilizing the community in providing care services, development and early development of the child;
• Giving advice to parents/caregivers regarding the upbringing, development and early development of children in their area;
• To prepare and provide information on the implementation of daily activities in the relevant area;
• To participate in the operation process of children’s consultations at the relevant level (case management);
• To prepare information on the establishment of child care, development and early development centers in relevant areas; and
• To do any other work assigned to him by his Head of work according to his education and skills.

Qualification and Experience
• Employed fourth or sixth form graduates who have completed Diploma training in one of the following fields:- Early Education, Child Development and Development, Social Welfare, Psychology from a College recognized by the Government.