Senior Platform Engineer

Application ends: September 30, 2023
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Job Description

What will you do?
• Your mission will be to build and maintain vertical independent infrastructure, development pipelines and software services and set group-wide platform engineering standards.
• Assist in Research, P.O.C and implementation of new technologies or services to be adopted by the entire Group.
• Configuration and management of various servers/instances via Docker, Terraform and Ansible.
• “Everything” runs on docker, but we are still in the process of moving legacy over to docker.
• Write scripts and automation using Bash/Python/Groovy.
• Reviewing and approving the work of your peers as part of the software development process.
• Maintaining our Cloud Infrastructure primarily on AWS.
• Maintaining the reliability of our CI/CD.
• Build independent web-based tools and microservices to help dev workflows.
• Planning and Implementation of backup scenarios, log-rotations and overall scaling concepts for large datasets.
• Keep abreast with industry trends, new technologies and best practices in the DevOps and development space.
• Proactively improve products, systems and processes.
• Deliver software and projects according to agreed timelines.
• Tenacity and the ability to solve complex software bugs.